About Panda Blush

Growing up in the city of Angels, my dreams expanded far and wide. The city with the latest in innovations and expressions of fashion and accessory. Where accessing the latest and greatest at a fraction of the price is attainable.
My journey through the marketplace, culinary, and service industry gave me a perspective that is often overlooked . Which is how I learned to adapt to different situations to reach my personal goals.
🔹 A new trend is often followed, but at an expense.
🔹 A chef is often praised, but a cook is often replaced.
🔹 A server is often better versed to a customer's dining experience than the owner.
I have learned how to adapt to a fast pace environment while making it look effortless. Stand out by being open to other perspectives. Always applying my background to my future to achieve my goal.
My name is Amanda, welcome to Panda Blush! My dream come true 💞


Panda Blush’s Mission

As a lover of accessories, I realized I struggled to find other stores that sold quality products while offering fast, friendly service. That is why I created Panda Blush. I have made it my mission to provide all of my customers with the following: 

  • A range of the highest quality products.
  • A focus on innovative products that are not available in brick-and-mortar stores. 
  • Customer support that is fast, friendly and efficient. 
  • And of course… low prices! 

Why Choose Panda Blush? 

When you shop here, you’ll see the Panda Blush difference. I am focused on finding unique products that you won’t find at your local store. One of the most popular products, the Diamond Bracelet, is a fantastic example of this! Whether you are looking for phone cases, watch bands or chargers, I have you covered! 

But innovative products isn’t just all: I strive to combine extremely low prices with fantastic customer service. I have slashed the prices on products as low as I can, ensuring you get a fantastic deal - while offering fast, efficient and friendly help! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out, and you will receive a response ASAP!

Buy today, and experience the Panda Blush difference!